Singing Angels

I have read once a quote from Berthold Auerbach saying “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” That is why when we learned that a band from the Philippines was going to be a part of the European Conference here in Amsterdam in 2009, I knew that it was going to be a reinvigorating affair and we were not disappointed, every line, every note and every tune touched us in a very profound and inspiring way.

As special as their talents are, the stories that each band member has to share are even more inspiring and moving. Their stories left us with tears in our eyes and new found hope in our hearts. One story that struck me most was the one shared by Ate Aileen Serrano on trials she encountered with what was supposed to be a simple surgery that turned out to be a dreadful incident. Somehow, through her story, I felt her excruciating pain, I understood the depth of her anger, I supported her decision to go against the person who caused her all those grief and in the end I admired her for being able to humble herself and forgive, to let it go and to let God heal her. In the end, I was awed by the miracle that transpired in her life by letting God reign and rule.

I have always believed that God sends us angels to touch our lives and to inspire us to believe and cling to him. That day when we met 29AD, not only were we inspired by angels, we even heard them sing.

In behalf of CFC Netherlands, I want to thank every member of the 29AD for blessing us with your voices and your talents. May God continue to prosper the works of your hands.

Christian Dela Cruz
CFC Netherlands