Meet Tito Boie & Tita Angging Sescon

Meet Tito Boie and Tita Angging Sescon

2011 is only more than half way through but if we can all just look back to the previous months of this year, we all can’t help but be overwhelmed by how much God is blessing our community, Couples for Christ – Netherlands.

This year, the new Country Governance Team has been working doubly hard to ensure that the community is carried forward to their vision of making CFC Netherlands a mission center in Europe by increasing our membership in faith and in number.  And as if God is conspiring with them into fulfilling this dream very quickly, he sent more angels to assist us.

It is an honor and a privilege to be acquainted and meet two lovely angels that could have only been God sent.  Tito Sofronio “Boie” Sescon and Tita Adelaida “Angging” Sescon have come to the Netherlands to help us further our work in the vineyard of God as our new Country Coordinators.

The moment their plane touched down in Schiphol, they merely dropped their luggage in the room we offered them in our humble abode, they immediately rolled up their sleeves and started their work.  I can remember how tito Boie and Junfer burned the midnight oil (after a 13-hour flight nonetheless!!) and discussed several matters.  I immediately thought, “wow, they mean business!”

From then on, I have spent several days, weeks even, with both of them and I can only attest to how much of a treasure they are for CFC Netherlands.  Tito Boei, who is a Medical Doctor by profession, has been a full time worker in God’s vineyard for 19 years.  His works have been a key ingredient to the flourishing and thriving CFC community in the Mindanao region.  Tita Angging, who is a registered nurse by profession, has been beside Tito Boie for 44 years and has helped and supported her husband in every mission that has been assigned to him.

After knowing Tito Boei for a couple of weeks now, I have grown fond of his hearty laugh and his contagious admiration for John Statham.  But much more than that, his wealth of knowledge coupled with his passion for service and unwavering faith, I believe, will be a source of wisdom and empowerment not only to our Governance Team but the entire CFC Netherlands community.  And if that is not enough, Tita Angging, who I’ve grown to admire for her refined grace and strong character (no wonder why Tito Boie is still crazy about her after all these years!) is also there to support us all the way.

People such as Tito Boie and Tita Angging are exactly the reason why I believe God has big plans for our community.  Merely by the inspiration they invoke in all of us and more so by the assistance that they are generously providing, I think God is sending us a message that he has chosen our community and has set our community apart.

Welcome to CFC Netherlands Tito Boie and Tita Angging, allow us to embrace you with our outmost gratitude and fiercest hope that with your help, CFC Netherlands will grow in faith and in number.

CMA-CFC Netherlands