CFC Netherlands Hour

CFC Netherlands Hour

CFC Netherlands Hour, It’s a Date!

If there is anything that I can attest to, that would have to be the power of prayer.  Personally, time and time again, prayer has proven to be my ultimate, most essential and constant companion as I journey through life.  That being the case, I can only imagine the power of a community of people united in prayer.

The idea of having a CFC Netherlands Hour, in fact, came from a very personal experience.  Some years ago, when my brother/husby Junfer and I were much younger, we were in a steady long distance relationship.  He had to work in UAE and I had to finish my studies, board exams and consequently worked in the Philippines.  For two years that we were apart, everyone around us told us that the relationship would never thrive coz there is no way a long distance relationship could ever work.  But through the love and faith in our relationship and a much, much bigger faith that our Lord is in the centre of our relationship, we pulled through.  The two years that we were apart was far from being a bed of roses but I believe the glue that bound us together was our daily prayer time together.  We scheduled a prayer time, notwithstanding the 4-hour time difference.  We decided that whatever we do, wherever we are, we will pause at exactly 3 pm (Philippine time, 11 am UAE time) and say a short prayer together.  This was our daily, threesome date with God and it worked wonders!

Taking inspiration from this part of our lives, we invite everyone to join us as we pray for our community, CFC Netherlands, every 10 am.  If a person’s prayer can move mountains, I can only envisage what the prayers of a community could move.  This will also serve as our date as a community with our Creator.  Our Creator is high tech that way, he doesn’t need a mobile phone, internet or the newly released IPad2 to connect his children, he’s just a prayer away, and every one of us is just a prayer away.

Let us set a minute of so or our busy morning to pray for our community, let us ask our Father in heaven to allow CFC Netherlands to grow in faith and in number and that we may reach out to the farthest corners of these country and beyond to shepherd more people closer to God.  I know that mornings can be chaotic but a few seconds is enough for a short prayer, take my experience as an example, I had a meeting at exactly 10 am last week but my alarm buzzed off reminding me that its my date with CFC Netherlands and God, so I excused myself for a second to grab a pen, went very quickly to a corner spot and just uttered, “Heavenly Father, we bless you and we thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this family, CFC Netherlands.  May you guide us and give us the grace to grow in faith and in number, this we ask in the mighty name of your son, Jesus Christ.  Glory be…..” A quick and simple prayer, but I believe that it can contribute into shaping this community into a dynamic and vibrant family that will do God’s works the way he wants us to.

So set those alarms and we’ll look forward to our next date! Don’t be late!

May God bless us all!

Your sister in Christ

CA Dela Cruz