CFC Netherlands Governance Team Goes to Banneux

Last February, as Couples for Christ Europe Leaders trooped to Brussels, Belgium for the CFC Europe Leaders’ Summit, the leaders, spearheaded by Tito Joe Yamamoto, has honored our Lady of the Poor in Banneux, Belgium with the title of our patroness for CFC’s work for the Poor.

In this light, and to make the most of Tito Boie and Tita Angging’s (CFC Netherlands Country Coordinator) visit, the Country Governance Team (CGT) decided that it is only appropriate to embark on a pilgrimage and pay homage to our patron, the Lady of the Poor.  It was supposed to be a day dedicated to strategic planning and a venue through which every CGT member could experience vigorous learning as they try to soak up every ounce of nourishment and knowledge Tito Boie and Tita Annging has to share.

It turned out to be such a spirit filled and blessed day.  It kicked off with a mass followed by our Country Coordinators praying over the CGT.  The experience was so surreal, the entire CGT couldn’t help but have goose bumps as it was like God literally bestowed swords of spirit (Ep. 6:16) and armors of righteousness (Ep. 6:14) to each of them.

The entire afternoon was devoted to planning and strategizing on how best to push forward our service in the Netherlands.  The CGT together with the Country Coordinators, guided by the Holy Spirit was able to tackle so many topics during the entire afternoon’s worth of discussions; hopefully these seeds that were planted during this time would bear fruits that would be shared by the entire CFC Netherlands.

Exciting times are coming and we can only hang on to our faith and continue to pray that as we try to carry on with our service in God’s vineyard, he will be showering us with the Grace of his holy spirit.  May all our work give him greater glory.