Couples For Christ, Europe Mega Conference in Dublin, Ireland.

As we disembarked, we are welcomed by signed boards that say, “Let’s create memories”, “Rekindle Friendship” & “Cead Mile Failte!” (One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!).  I knew already that this year’s 18th CFC MegaCon will be a blast.

Throughout our journey these past couple of months, we have become thirsty, hungry, weak, wounded, & hurt.  Our spiritual and emotional tanks were running empty as we entered the doors of the Mega Conference.   But as our God is a faithful and merciful Father, the moment we entered the Conference and immersed ourselves in his presence, his love and his compassion; he filled our emptiness with his grace.  Jesus Christ has allowed his greatness to fill our nothingness, to heal our wounds.  Through God’s Grace, we went home Recharged, Refueled, Re-Energized, Rejuvenated, Restored and Renewed.

The 1st miracle of Jesus during the Wedding in Cana was very moving not only because he turned water into wine, not only because Mother Mary was instrumental to this miracle but also because it is during this miracle that the helpers Obeyed and Followed what Christ has told them to do, as Mother Mary instructed.  

The significance of this event cannot be overstated as this is where Mother Mary summarized everything that is being asked of us, and that is to Obey His son.  Disobedience to the biddings of Christ during the wedding in Cana would have meant that the first miracle of Jesus wouldn’t have happened.  Considering the amount of effort that the servants would have to exert to fill the jars with water, the transformation that happened was a thousand times more magnificent.  How is it that unassuming jars of water, unimportant and unremarkable, were used as a vessels for our Lord’s first Miracle?  The meaning of this transformation should not be lost on us.  Christ is telling us that as sinful and unworthy as we are, he is more than capable of transforming us into the most magnificent versions of ourselves, all we need to do is Obey. 

Obey & Witness, our theme for this year, is very timely and will always remind us to Trust God, no matter what happens.  Our mission in the Community of Couples for Christ is not only for us to develop our love story with the Lord but also to help others to begin their journey in discovering their love affair with Christ.  We need to ensure that we share our love and passion for Jesus to others who have not yet found him.  We have to remember that as members of CFC we are commissioned not sell Couples for Christ per se, but rather sell hard-sell Christ, who saved us.

Listening is also a vital task that has been given to us for we cannot move forward and obey if we do not know what the command is.  We will not know what to do if we are not paying attention.  We also cannot cater to the needs of our brothers and sisters if we do not listen to them.  It is important for us to develop the skill of listening with our ears, our hearts and our minds.  

 Challenges and trials lie ahead of us as we go through our journey towards becoming obedient and towards becoming witnesses.  As rough as the road ahead may be, fear not for as long as we are doing God’s work, we will not be crashed nor will we be shaken.  As long as we live by the culture of Couples for Christ, we will face struggles and issues through proper communication and by following the appropriate Pastoral Structure that has strengthened our CFC Global family all through these years.    

 We encourage our brothers and sisters in the community to develop a love for an open line of communication, to develop a passion for listening with an understanding mind and a loving heart.  To develop a posture of valuing love over being right.  Moving forward does not mean that we are traversing a calm ocean, it only means that no matter how hard the currents become we will resort to a loving way of resolving issues and a Christian way of settling differences.  We embrace everyone and anyone who wishes to discover a personal love story with Christ.  Bearing all these ideals in our hearts and knowing that God is in the center of our Community, we will move forward in renewing the face of the earth.  

 Evangelize as you go! Go as you Evangelize!

Listen, Obey & Witness.

  Junfer Dela Cruz

CFC Netherlands Country Head