3rd European Leader’s Summit

Leaders gearing up with the full armour of Christ


Being called to service is such a huge blessing but more so a truly significant responsibility and the Global Family of Couples for Christ recognize this.  To gear up CFC European Leaders for the year that lies ahead and beyond, a European Leaders’ Summit has been organized.  The Leaders Summit in effect was divided into two parts, the first part being the workshops and strategic planning exercises by the local CFC headships were done in Brussels, Belgium.  The culmination of the Leadership Summit, which was held in Banneux, Belgium, tackled ANCOP, CFC’s ministry that answers the cry of the poor, and in line with this, we officially recognized Our Lady of Banneux (the Lady of the Poor) as our patron for our work with the poor.


CFC Netherlands, whose leadership structure has been dramatically transformed during the last few months, eagerly sent forth the entire Governance Team, Unit Heads and Ministry Coordinators, all of them keen to roll up their sleeves and dig their hands in as they try to till the soil and try to bring as much harvest back to Holland when they return.


One of the highlights of the Summit was the envisioning of the programs and plans for each of the individual ministry and to formulate a strategy by which these plans are to be achieved and who are responsible for achieving these.  What was prominent among the list of ideas was that the Holy Spirit is prompting our community to ensure that our activities, plans and strategies are in line with the Catholic Church.

Another focal point during the Summit was the mass celebrated in Banneux by Bishop Ed Juanich from Palawan and Father Raymund Gaspar, the spiritual director of CFC Brussels, followed by a presentation on the involvement of ANCOP in different worthwhile projects.

It has been a productive weekend, not only for the Leaders of CFC Netherlands but for all of the CFC European Leaders who were fortunate enough to have graced the event.  Not only did we manage to visualize and concretize our strategy for the local CFC communities but we managed to be inspired and enthused to put on the full armour of Christ as we set forth and fulfil our calling.


Together with Bro.Nick & Sis.Norma Borja, CFC Canada National Director &Bro.Ricky Cuenca

Bro.Junfer & Sis.Christian Dela Cruz, CFC Netherlands Country Head





by Christian M. Alvez-Dela Cruz