16th European Conference in Geneva, Switzerland

16th CFC European Conference in Geneva

Having been blessed with the opportunity to attend previous CFC European conferences, the moment we stepped out of Vienna, Austria last year, we were already yearning and looking forward to attending this year’s conference to be held in Geneva Switzerland.

What fired up our enthusiasm to attend the event even more is the theme for this year’s conference, Put on the full Armour of God – an excerpt from Ephesians 6:11.  I believe that the theme for this year couldn’t have been timelier.  In this day and age when we are in constant battle against the foe in every aspect of our daily life, I firmly believe that we need to be armed not only with our faith but also by the nourishment that only our God can provide.

As is traditional, the conference kicked off with a food festival and this year, with Switzerland as the host country, the organizers deemed it appropriate to pay homage to chocolates, one thing that Switzerland is very well known for.  Since we have very few participants from the Netherlands this year, we had to work doubly hard to make sure that Netherlands was well represented in this competition.

For the food festival, the Netherlands table featured Droste, which is the famous Dutch Chocolate.  We decided to try and represent several regions of the country in our table.  In the centre of our table is a fondant-covered droste chocolate cake aptly called Queen’s Day cake for its design, is meant to represent Den Hague where the monarchy seats, we also have a Soesjes Tower that we suggested for people to dip in the chocolate fountain to mimic the Bosche Ballen from Den Bosche.  Amsterdam, which is known for the red light district, we decided to have items that played with words to represent it.  There was the “pot” of salvation which are cupcakes in small flower pots with a small flag of the Netherlands bearing a verse from the bible.  There was also the salvation cookie which is a twist of the fortune cookie, but instead of fortune, verses from the bible were found inside.  We also had fruit boats to represent Rotterdam.  All in all it was a successful food fest for us.

More blessings poured on the delegates on the 2nd and 3rd day of the conference.  We had the opportunity to listen to very inspiring and great talks.  The first talk entitled Field of Battle was delivered by Bro Chris Mautsi from UK paired with a sharing from Bro Venci Arcayan from France.  The second talk (Rely on the Mighty Power of God) was from Bro Joe Aguilina from Malta coupled with a sharing from Jon Argoncillo from the Philippines.

I should mention that CFC Netherlands have been blessed even more this year as our Country Head, Junfer Dela Cruz was given the blessing to deliver the 3rd talk, Stand Firm Against the Foe.  He managed to convey such a powerful and inspiring message that could have only been driven by the Holy Spirit.  And if that wasn’t enough, in between the talk, Bro Boie Sescon, our country coordinator from Cagayan De Oro delivered such an entertaining and moving sharing.

The fourth talk (“Put on the Full Armor of God”) was given by Bro Art Sandoval from Geneva coupled with a sharing from Bro Joe Yamamoto and finally the last topic, Victory in the Spirit, was delivered by Bro Bong Nidea from UK together with a sharing from Bro Ian Sallague from Austria.

Such stirring talks from such inspired speakers only left us with vigour and enthusiasm.  After all the talks were over, the delegates faith flared up to monumental heights and our stance became firmer than ever before to put on the armor of God to battle the Foe.

And as if all those blessings were still not enough, and to attest to our Father’s generosity, at the end of the conference, we even bagged 3rd place to the Coat of Arms competition for the banner made by our very own Sis. Susan Mendoza.

True indeed that European conferences can take up our time and resources but I can personally attest to the fact that blessings that we gain afterwards is much, much more than what is being asked of us.  By attending in these conferences we receive blessings beyond our imaginations and beyond any measures known to us. The blessings that flowed and continuously flow into our lives because of these events are far beyond words that it can only be experienced personally.  After attending this conference, I can personally attest that my spirit has flared up and I have been so moved that deep in my heart I know I have been changed.

As it is I am already looking forward to next year’s conference to be held in Bratislava, Slovakia! I encourage everyone to start planning and let us all see each other there.  I pray that more from CFC Netherlands may be blessed as I and my family have been blessed.

See you in Bratislava!