Traditionally, Soulfood refers to conventional African American cuisine but nowadays, it is used to refer to a wider range of food that tickles one’s palate and warms their hearts.  Soulfood is now being used to refer to the comfort meals that we ran to at the end of a busy and tedious day.

The idea of Soulfood has been an inspiration to dedicate a corner for well deserved nourishment, not only for one’s mind, heart and body but ultimately to feed one’s soul.  The vision is to compile everything we can contribute to satisfy the cravings of our spirit and to give regular provisions for our soul.  This space will be dedicated to a multitude of contributions written, sourced or chanced upon by CFC Netherlands Members to help each other as we try to deepen our faith and strengthen our character.  This space aims to provide tools for our faltering spirits to regain its vigour so we can continue to serve our Creator.

Join us in this banquet and let us all feast on every word that God provides us to nourish our spirits.  Let Soulfood tickle your hearts, warm your body and feed your souls!