CFC 30th Pearl Anniversary

Sequence of Event:

June 21, 2011

Truly, God is so good because God allowed us not only to survive but to grow as well – Joe Yamamoto

Now speaking to the CFC crowd the National Coordinator for Africa: Bro. Keith Collins!

NOW SPEAKING: from CFC Caribbean Bro. Arthur Anthony from St. Lucia!

‎”The problems are the same everywhere we go but the answer lies in each and everyone of us. ” – Bro. Arthur

Now Speaking: Bro. John Baptist from Vietnam

Now Speaking: Alex Groshaldo from Indonesia

‎”Though our typhoon hit our community, until today, we are still one.” – Bro. Alex from Indonesia

Now Acknowledged: Rev. Bishop Francis from Myanmar

Now Speaking: Bro. Reynard and Sis. Leah from CFC Austria

Now Speaking: Bro. Nonoy Albano from Sydney

‎”the oneness and goodness of the life of Christ, if we put that together, we will be able to do what God wants us to do” – Bro. Nonoy

‎”We have to humble. We have to exercise humility in all aspects. That includes obedience to our leaders” – Bro. Nonoy

Now Speaking: Bro. Bryan from CFC India

Now Speaking: Wendy from CFC Kuwait

Now Speaking: Bro. Kimwell of CFC Zimbabwe

Now speaking: Bro. Michael Adela from CFC Seychelles

The crowd is now asked to reflect on God’s goodness with the reflection song “To the Ends of the Earth”

Now Speaking Raymond Ibarrientos CFC YFC Fulltime Pastoral Worker inviting everyone to attend the YFC Global Leaders Summit on Aug. 12-14 in Manila!

NOW on Video: CFC Flame Store now open at the CFC Center!

June 22, 2011

»»» START of CFC Global Leader’s Summit «««

CFC GLOBAL LEADER’S SUMMIT Now starting with an Opening Worship from Bro.Hector Poppen CFC Country Head of Africa!

Our Emcees for this event: Manu Matua (missionary from Kenya), Kawen dela Cerna (missionary from East Timor, and Bro. Mon Santiago (Regional Coordinator of South Asia)

Zimbabwe, West Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Eritria, Kenya, Seychelles, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Japan, Sta. Lucia, UAE, KSA, Yemen, Quater, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Solomon Islands delegates recognized and present at the Global Leader’s Summit!

Chairman of the CFC International Council: Joe Tale – now speaking!

‎”This is responding to God’s call, this is about responding to the greater mission” – Bro. Joe tale

Romans 10:14 ” How can they hear if the message is not proclaimed?”

‎”We all know that at the end of the day, it is truly personal. It is about bringing Christ to a person” – Bro. Tale

Now speaking: Joe Yamamoto, CFC director!


Talk 1 – CFC: A Missionary Community by Bro. Joe Yamamoto

CFC Chairman Joe Tale giving his welcome remarks :)

Presently CFC is in 114 Countries – Bro. Joe Yamamoto

‎”In a bigger sense, the missionary spirit should be encapsulized in a very simple lesson—our particular calling as CFC are the following, to go as you evangelize and evangelize as you go” – Bro. Joe Yamamoto

Evangelize as you Go — Realizing this brings you to a bigger perspective, a wider opportunity.

‎”Exercising leadership by influencing people”

three principles in the mission

#1 Principle of Unity

‎#2 Principle of Integration

‎#3 Principle of Subsidiarity

‎”When God calls, as we respond to the call, that is the time for God to be able to use us”

‎”The going is not going to be easy – He will give us the mission to go to the heart break post or heart break assignment”

“When God affirms the work, then you can say that God is annointing CFC.”


We are blessed to have formed:
1. formed mission teams
2. raised mission voulnteers
3. sent hundreds of trained fulltime pastoral mission workers


Missionary sending and Missionary receiving:
“The one receiving must also prepare — to imbibe, replicate and share — in the end, the receiving area becomes the sending area.”


Our Response to the Anointing of the Holy Spirit
1. As missionaries, we have to evaluate ourselves. Are we still continuing to conquer territories of the Lord? — have we become comfortable of doing what is routinary?

‎” CFC leadership: The higher you go, the more people you must serve”

Do we still have our own weaknesses? Have we allowed the Lord to conquer us? – Only then can we set out to conquer territories for the Lord

“This is not for the fainthearted”

‎2. As a community, are we still forming mission teams to be fielded to mission areas?

‎3. We now journey from Pearl to Gold and we need to train our young to take on the work that God has started in us.


Talk 2: CFC: Mission Ready by Bro. Roquel Ponte, CFC International Missions Director

Like Abraham, when God called – he immediately said: READY! Gen. 22: 1

Elements of our readiness
1. Attentiveness to God’s Presence

‎”To be mission ready is to always fix our gaze on the world, so that we respond according to His leading”

‎2. Fulfilling ourRole in God’s plan

‎3. Focusing on God’s will allows us to grow in holiness

if our mind, our heart, our will becomes conformed to the heart, will, and mind of Christ – then we are able to answer the call ” I am ready because CHRIST himself has made me ready” Gal. 2:20 – It is no longer I who lives but Christ living in me”

‎4. Not always SUCCESSFUL but always FAITHFUL

‎”trustingly laying everything in the hands of the Lord”

‎”The faithfulness that God requires for us is NOT OPTIONAL it is dependent on the call that God has given us. ”

Success or failure depends on the Lord.


Establishing and Strengthening our Mission Centers
1. Mission Phases: 3 E’s (Establishment, Enrichment, Empowerment)

‎2. Establish and Strengthen Regional Mission Centers

‎3. One-Army: One community
-CFC Global Website Integration
- CFC Members Management Database

NOW SHARING for CFC Global Website Integration – Sis. Layle Ancheta


The purpose of the CFC Website Integration
* encourage uniformity and unity amidst diversity
* encourage interaction and establsih stronger link among CFC members worldwide
* provide the information that CFC and non-community members need about our work


Principle of ONE – in the CFC Website
O – over all look, design, and feel
N – name of website
E – end-to-end information process


Now sharing for CFC Members Management Database: Sis. Kate Deiparine

Challenges in our database
* Manual and Individual Recording
* No proper turnover of file during transition
* information captured values across different chapters
* no clear and accurate data for evaluation and planning purposes


* centralized
* timeley and accurate information
* secure


Building up the Missionary Army (ACTS)
A – Armed (Eph. 6:11 – Put on the full armor of God)
- to be armed is to be ultimately dependent on our God; to be able to proclaim the Word of God

C – Committed (living out the CFC Covenant)
T – Trained (Growing in Christian Maturity)
to be trained is to be intense in our own identity as Christian Catholics; intensely Eucharistic so that the living Christ we receive on Sunday is the living Christ is shared to everyone

S – Spiritual (a self- emptied heart: conforming our hearts to the heart of Christ)


Gunawan Purwadi – CFC Indonesia
Keith Collins – CFC Africa
Eric Villanueva – CFC USA
Israel Salud – CFC China
Noli Manual – CFC Middle East
Bro. Melo Villaroman – CFC International Family Ministries Director

Panel Discussion led by Bro. Jun Uriarte


‎”Evangelization is carrying forth the Word God to all sectors of society so that by its own strength it will enter the hearts of men and renew the human race.”

»»» END of CFC Global Leader’s Summit «««


»»» Start of ANCOP CONGRESS «««


Welcome Remarks by Bro. Joe Tale

ACKNOWLEDGING: Ancop Advocate Gov. Vilma Santos Recto of Batangas!

Now Speaking: Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto of Batangas CFC ANCOP Advocate

‎”Sisiguraduhin ko na ang dapat sa tao ay dapat mapunta sa tao” – Gov. Vilma Santos

‎”The only thing that I will always say and pray – LORD, Take Over” – Gov. Vilma Santos

Gov. Vilma shares about how her vision and beliefs for her own province are the same as that of CFC.

‎” I am looking forward with this teamwork. I can really say that we are on the right track with the people in need” – Gov. Vilma Santos on partnership with CFC

Now Speaking: Joshua Himson, ANCOP Beneficiary

‎”ANCOP is the instrument that allows me to fulfill my dreams” – Joshua

Now performing: CSP Kids!

‎” we are the children of yesterday’s dream” – CSP Kids :)

Now on video: Inday Borromeo, CFC ANCOP beneficiary

Now Speaking: Bro. Dan Cayabyab

Now Speaking: Bro. Fidel Parco of South A, CFC ANCOP Advocate serving Villa Monique

Now on video: CFC ANCOP in Nigeria

Now speaking: Bro. Boy Quinto from CFC Nigeria

“The cycle of our mission in CFC is not complete with just building the church of the home but building the church of the poor” – Bro. Boy Quinto

Now speaking: Bro. Ricky Cuenca, President and Chief Executive Officer of ANCOP

ANCOP is a Christ-centered organization.
We answer by sharing the love of Christ
Unambiguous and unapologetic in being one with the Catholic Church

‎”Lessons to be learned: ANCOP is God’s Plan. Respect for God’s timing.Acknowledging leadership anointment and succession. Wisdom of communal decision making.”

‎”CFC is stronger now than ever”

CFC United Arab Emirates donates to start their first set of ANCOP Homes!

Bro. Ricky Cuenca now invites the CFC to a commitment ceremony. ANCOP baller bands are to be placed on the child as a sign of committing ourselves to be of help to one another, together in achieving goals for the mission.

Bro. Ricky Cuenca and Joshua commit to each other to be one in the mission.

CFC ANCOP Congress attendees now singing “Give Thanks” as a symbol of gratitude for the privilege to serve and be part of this mission.