ANswering the Cry Of the Poor (ANCOP)

What is ANCOP?

ANCOP is an acronym which stands for Answering the Cry of the Poor.
A Christian, Catholic non-profit organization that dedicates itself to proclaiming CHRIST, and the Christian faith, by uplifting the plight of the poor.

Mission to be a catalyst for human liberation, uplifting the material and spiritual welfare of the poor by empowering families and the youth through values formation and skills training for a better quality of life, and building communities of stewards for sustained development and social transformation through networking, business and cooperative development.

Answering the Cry of the Poor by sharing Christ’s love as an instrument for healing, addressing their Relevant needs (material, physical and emotional) and fulfilling their Yearning for a better future through personal and family transformation that leads to a just and caring society and a life of dignity for all.


In unity with the Catholic Church, consistent with the core values of Couples for Christ of which it is a ministry, and recognizing Christ as the center of its work, ANCOP Nederland will seek to renew and uplift the lives of the poor and the marginalized, to restore their dignity as human beings and children of God, and to influence the spiritual transformation of the beneficiaries and their benefactors.

ANCOP is the CFC arm leading a global network that builds the Church of the Poor through defense of life and creation, social justice, and work with the poor.


ANCOP’s work is premised on the following principles:

  1. Christ is the Center and Mover of the Work.
  2. Moved by the Holy Spirit.
  3. One with the Catholic Church.
  4. Members are their brother’s keeper and where brethren live and experience the fullness of God’s love.
  5. Attract others by being witness, and by example of Christ’s love and service.



The Scopes of the ANCOP Work


  1. Education of the poor child and family is key to restore hope and faith towards transformation of  a whole community.
  2. Education gives poor families a chance to break out of the cycle of poverty.
  3. Education gives equal opportunity to all to enjoy the bounty and blessings provided by God.



  1. Health & Nutrition are essential for poor children and families to have a chance at leading a productive life.



  1. A poor child and his family need to live in decent surroundings to experience the love and life of Christ.
  2. A poor child and his family renewed in Christ are grounded in Christian values, respect and practices.





Just our recent activity, “Give Love on Christmas Day” proves that each and every one of us has something we could do to help less fortunate ones in the Philippines. With their gifted talents, ANCOP Chorale went from houses to houses, to serenade both local Dutch as well as Fellow Filipinos here in Amsterdam, Zaandam, Hoofddorp & Abcoude, Netherlands.

Watch out for our next event to help sending children to school for a brighter and promising future!!!