SFC | Components


A. Christian Life Program (CLP)

A single person can only be acknowledged as a full-fledged SFC member after he / she has gone through the 13-week Christian Life Program (CLP). Mixed CLPs (meaning CLPs with CFC, HOLD, SOLD and SFC participants) and Fast Track CLPs (meaning CLPs with compressed talks or over a weekend) are only used for starting areas. Once an area has SFC already, the 13 week CLP format should be used.

B. Pastoral Formation Track

SFC members must go through a series of pastoral formation for nourishment and sustenance. This is very crucial to their growth as individuals and empowerment as servants in the ministry.

C. Households / 1 to 1s

Household meetings are the best venue for an SFC member to receive basic pastoral nourishment and guidance especially after going through the CLP. There should be at least 2 household meetings per month.

In addition, household heads also have the important responsibility to conduct 1 to 1s with their members regularly. 1 to 1s are very important in discussing intimate matters with the members, especially issues which members are not yet open to discuss within a group.

Note: Household meeting discussions should be separate (men with men; women with women) for most times, but there could be joint meetings on occasion.

D. Prayer Assemblies

There should be monthly prayer assemblies and monthly teaching assemblies for General Membership. It should be Chapter based. Any prayer assemblies above the Chapter level are not encouraged. There may be assemblies in other levels (Cluster, Sector) but they should be few and far between.

E. Leadership Trainings / Chapter Teachings and General Assemblies

SFC can come up with these specialized assemblies that cater to specific topics and issues. Normally, these are conducted as follow-up to the basic formation track. Please refer to the Pastoral Formation Track later on in the Manual.

F. Programs

As a way to enhance the ministry, SFC came up with programs for specific functions, such as:
Corporate Evangelization
Campus Evangelization
Community Evangelization
Government Evangelization
ANCOP – Work with the Poor
Social Ministries

In addition, SFC also has support functions focusing on certain skills and tasks such as:
Pastoral Formation

G. Special Events

Special Events are also great avenues for a single person to expand his / her perspective of the greater work of SFC.

International Events (organized by the SFC International Council)
SFC International Leaders Conference (annually – every February)
SFC Great Adventure Tour (annually)
SFC Global One (every other year)
SFC Global Leaders Forum (every other year)

There may be Regional, National and Area Conferences as well.